New Host = New Site

I´m working on a new site of sorts and working on getting all my products up again. This is possibly going to be a painful and pleasurable experience. We hope for the latter.   Hang with me (I´ll be right back with the noose)   Brrrr-enda     Continue Reading

Blog hell

So i have been lost in a haze of plugins,php,html,css,widgets,links and pages…. aka WordPress. I am working on one side project in wordpress, moving dress wicked over to wordpress and thinking about just axing my entire bootique site from rapidweaver to wordpress.The way it is set up now with the blog is just UGLY! But… Continue Reading

to be productive or not to be…

Cleaning up images and coloring to me is the very heart of why i would call art “work”. Tedious and not carpal tunnel friendly. Even after i finished i have this feeling of not having drawn today. Unless i draw something from scratch i don’t feel i’ve been very productive. Plus, lil Boo is going… Continue Reading

90 pages…

Another 90 pages read from the worlds most boring book. Studying for the Norwegian license has been unbelievably hard, not hard but tedious, boring, mundane and full of unnecessary information most of the time. I can probably assume it can only be compared to trying to get your pilots license. The test itself is comparable… Continue Reading


I swear when i get sick it is never just 3 days.It’s been impossible to work and i have 7 days until I take my driving test again. Have i mentioned I failed once already. 1 to many wrong. Annoying. Thought i would post some of my gothic goodies! Continue Reading